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Linking primary care and community organizations to increase colorectal cancer screening rates: the HAPPI project

Rosana L Bravo, Kathryn G Kietzman, Peggy Toy, O Kenrik Duru, Steven P Wallace


Objective. The Healthy Aging Partnerships in Prevention Initiative (HAPPI) aims to increase the use of clinical preventive services (CPS) among underserved Latinos and African Americans in South Los Angeles who are 50+ years old. Materials and methods. HAPPI uses an evidencebased model, SPARC, to leverage existing resources and link community resources. HAPPI’s multi-sectoral partnerships include local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community health centers (CHCs), aging and public health agencies serving the City and County of Los Angeles, and a university. Activities include CHC capacity assessment and training, and community capacity-building that included a small grants program. Results. We engaged five CHCs in quality improvement activities and eight NGOs in networking and programming to increase awareness and receipt of CPS. We discuss barriers and facilitators including the success of trainings conducted with CHC providers and NGO re- presentatives. Conclusion. Multi-sectoral collaborations hold promise for increasing awareness and use of CPS in underserved communities.

Palabras clave

public health; intersectoral collaboration; preventive health services

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